ShanthYogaPilates has a clients safety at heart and does follow:

The Health Commission recommendations of:

All Victorian health services must:

Be accessible

Be safe and of high quality

Provide their services with appropriate care and attention

Treat consumers and their carers with respect, dignity and consideration

Provide adequate and clear information about treatments, costs and other options

Apply an inclusive approach with consumers when making decisions about healthcare

Respect the privacy and confidentiality of personal information

Ensure comments or complaints about the service can be made easily and that any comments or complaints are addressed.


A consumer can be confident that Professional Pilates Instructors are providing Pilates using dedicated safe equipment. Instructors are following Australian Consumer Law by being true to what they are marketing as teaching, and they are properly qualified to teach the genuine Pilates Method.


Australian consumer law states:

Businesses that supply services guarantee that those services will be:

provided with due care and skill fit for any specified purpose (express or implied)


As a consumer your private Health data will not be disclosed unless ShanthYogaPilates  has  your prior written consent. This written consent is implied when you register and attend sessions at ShanthYogaPilates, unless you specifically say No to information sharing. The only information that will be  discussed is any information regarding your safe healthcare, with another Allied Health Practitioner that is involved with your healthcare.


Please be aware in an Emergency, your nominated Emergency contact will be contacted.


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