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The truth of most truths is that they are perception and not, in fact, true. ~ Simon Sinek
There are many schools of Pilates today, however within this big cloud there are genuinely Trained Instructors that have years of training, years of practise etc and not a weekend or a 3-month course of the Pilates Method, theses instructors are Pilates Method Instructors and can register with APMA or PAA.
Whether it be APMA or PAA (which includes the authentic Pilates Method) Registered, instructors of registered Pilates Method are  taught directly in the line of Joseph Pilates over years of study, teaching and they continuosly gain Pilates specific PDP/CECs to ensure client safety and integrity to the Pilates Method).
How are we going to help the recognition of the genuine Pilates Method as a community?
By sticking together and for the full genuine Pilates Method and its teaching, we will all do better for our end client, we do not need a fancy title or to prove we are evidence based because , genuine instructors use Anatomy in their Pilates teaching to help clients whatever their needs and guess what – the last time I looked Anatomy is Evidence Based.
It is a false truth to say one is more fitness based than the other or one is more bla then the other.
Both APMA and PAA registered Instructors are teaching Pilates for their client. One may have an emphasis on a certain flavour but that does not make it wrong – it makes it more useful for your client. The foundation of the properly trained Instructor is very very similar, and that is what matters. If the very basics of the Pilates Method are understood any instructor can then choose to focus on Rehabilitation or the Highly Trained Athlete.
APMA Instructors and PAA Instructors should be working together to help their clients rather than saying one is better than the other– Together we do better and hopefully change Private Health Recognition of the Genuine Pilates Method.
Pilates Qualifications

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