The Pilates Method and OH&S

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The purpose of the Work Health and Safety laws (WHS/OH&S laws) is to protect the health, safety and welfare of employees, volunteers and other persons who are at, or come in to contact with a workplace. For the Pilates Method this would mean all Business staff and Pilates Method Clients. Make sure all teaching staff have a Diploma Level qualification as a minimal before teaching the Pilates method in your own business, for duty of care and safety of your clients.

 Different laws exist in each state and territory. Be aware of the particular’s of WHS/OH&S laws in your state.

In general, in a business identify anything that could adversely affect the health and safety of a workplace and those part of it.

·      Ensure that you keep records of your per-exercise screening and always ask your client if there Is any injury etc you may need to be aware of, before every class. Make sure you keep all client records up to date and keep all records secure.

·      Ensure that all supervision of your client is adequate

·      Keep up to date with your own training and work within your own scope of practice. When running a business and you have staff or not, make sure personal development is part of parcel of staff in that business.

·      Equipment: Ensure safety of equipment before you use it and when you are using it. Follow Pilates Method Equipment safety protocols at all times. For example, check tightness of nuts and bolts, safety of springs and ropes. Make sure clients are safe on all surfaces. Keep areas free of tripping hazards or minimize any other risks once you identify them. Keep your working environment clean.

·      Another area that tends to be forgotten is the health of the instructor. As an instructor identify how you need to warm up at the beginning and finally at the end of your working day. Identify which hand you constantly use to change springs on equipment for e.g. and start balancing what you do.

Do you teach when you are unwell? Do you attend timeout and a session for yourself with another instructor? Do you allow clients to take sessions with you when they should really be resting at home because of illness? Ask yourself whether you need some help? Never be afraid to ask for advice or help.

Till next time,

Yours in Health and Safety

© Vrinda Fernando, ShanthYogaPilates

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