Evidence based? What does that mean please...

Evidence based, What does it really mean?


Thinking while I make my Christmas trifle...The term "evidence based" is thrown in every sentence these days. It is thrown in to prove authenticity. Is everything else not authentic then?

Logically thinking, if something is not tested how can you completely discount it. That thinking applies to nearly everything in society.

Looking from a purely data point of view...for something that is not deemed to be evidence based, there is no data so, you cannot categorically discount it. We need to compare apples with apples, for comparison, from what I remember of school mathematics.

Scientific evidence and evidence based are different terms , in data term, by discounting something with no data, where you have not tested, or there has not been a need for testing in the past... and then saying it is not "evidence based" means nothing really. Judgement, not science, has now been introduced.

"Evidence based" is the buzz word/ Marketing term of this year. It is a term that is being overused as well as misused.

It seems to be in every second word in most sentences that want to prove the user is right, when really its only really only truly relevant when there has been extensive scientific controlled testing, such as Medical data, Scientific tests and other relevant controlled testing environments.

Or maybe its just a term that needs to clarified a bit better with references to the tests and results every time. i.e. spell out the scale of testing and the actual results, as from a data perspective one can report according to what one wants.

To say something is Evidence based there needs to be minimum standards, and benchmarks. You can test with two subjects and say you got 50% result, or you can test with 1000 and say 50%, but realistically you are talking 1 subject as opposed to 500. Big difference.

...what does the term really mean then when it is used in nearly in every conversation that requires the need for authenticity? Look out for it and then just take a quiet moment and think.

As far as I know my trifle is made up of ingredients from a well-known shop, does that make it evidence based? Or maybe not...there is no data

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