Yogic Communication

 We deal with humans in many areas of our life and must always deal with giving feedback related to the job or life at hand, good or bad.  Feedback should be constructive. Communication should always consider the mental wellbeing of whoever it is with we are dealing. Communication of feedback should never focus on personal behaviours ( unless the behaviour in question violates basic human rights , of treating every human as an equal human being and is aggressive) and be used to attack someone, or to put someone down.

It’s very easy to sit behind a screen and just punch out a few words based on someone else’s opinion and then make it your own. When giving feedback it’s in our own interests to logically work out how, when and what  we present. We should always strive to make sure information we present has and is verifed by ourselves first, we should always ask whether there is  enough background and material to present , so it makes it easy to discuss and we both have a reference point. We then  can help them take on board feedback and change from there, not alone, but questioning what we can do to help to help make a change.


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