Move and Move well

 Move and Move Well


"Romana Kryzanowska,  would correct interviewers when they asked her about Pilates’ “machines”. A “machine” does something to you, she would say, whereas with a Pilates’ “apparatus”, you are yourself guided to do the work and train your body."

Pilates, Joseph. Pilates’ Return to Life Through Contrology—Revised Edition for the 21st Century

Interesting to read and learn how the Bones in the human body move in relation to each other & to a particular joint movement, inorder to aim for optimum & non-injurous movement.

Your Pilates Method class at ShanthYogaPilates will look at this on your own body and will assess what you as a body need to release & activate in order to get optimum movement at any joint.

Thus every Pilates class at ShanthYogaPilates will be a very hands on approach , backed by current anatomy and backed with how your body moves. 

Does the body just move or Does it move well?


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