Yoga , Ego and saying sorry genuinely

Yoga is about the essence of who you are as a person and includes being true to your own self in body through the exercises that strengthen/stretch the mind, and the body that belong to you.

Saying Sorry is an act of generosity without the Ego (Ego in simplistic terms is Self-Elevation). The practise of genuine generosity is an act that makes you feel good and ,  it is a practise that is the very essence of you, who you really are.

Be purely generous, say sorry genuinely.

Sometimes people go too far and say sorry over everything they do or say and on the other hand, some of us never say sorry even when a genuine mistake has been made.

Find that genuine sorry that is not being directed by your own ego, but a sorry that has nothing to gain or to lose.

Try it, be genuine in your dealings with fellow beings, and say sorry when you have made a mistake. It’s not that hard makes you a genuine person and you will then attract genuine people in your own life.


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