Pilates and Patience

In 10 sessions, you feel better,

20 sessions you look better,

30 sessions you have a completely new body.”~Joseph Pilates


 3shutterstock 704892919 Small We live in an era where we are looking for Instant results, we want to see the results of our practice immediately and we want to feel that we have worked hard – because of some sweat, because of major discomfort, because of our own heart rate.

 DSC7206Yes, working hard or challenging muscles is the only way we change the way a muscle grows stronger, but are our muscles working hard or are they working too hard. By working too hard I mean are they firing because they have always done so in that way for that movement?

Because of working “too hard”, are you inadvertently causing movement in a joint that has to deal with excessive load, causing inefficient movement & muscle imbalance, potentially resulting in injuries eventually, but gives you the “good feeling” that you are working hard today.

In the Pilates Method we look at you as a body as a whole, fascia, muscles and joints and mind all intertwine. We look at your body and through your own movement patterns and our extensive anatomy knowledge determine your individual approach to the Pilates Method. Yes, you will eventually work hard and move and move well.

So going back to the quote above from Joseph Pilates - the way I interpret his quote is, be patient with your Pilates Practice which leads to his quote below. It took "x" Years to get where you are and develop your current muscle patterning's...we are here to slowly help you put the clock back and get to a place where your muscles learn new ways of working - which in turn mean they are balanced and healthy in mind and body.