Balanced Diet and exercise

Written by ShanthYogaPilates.

Happy New Year to all of you.  Time of the year where we all decide to make a change in our routines.


Image by Vrinda Fernando
The argument for a balanced diet and balanced exercise regime is somewhat simplified by me but maybe worth consideration, to some extent ...
To me what we put into our body is basically chemicals; some artificial and some natural; proteins, carbohydrates etc all break down within the body, interact with other chemicals and the excess is either stored within the body or leaves the body via the natural means.
 Dieting and the playing around with what we put into our bodies is seen as an external game somewhat - we want to lose weight, we want to look thinner (because that is how society has conditioned us), we wat to fit in the pair of jeans that we bought last year etc.
 What we forget is,  what happens internally?, every chemical action in the body has some by-products. e.g. excessive protein in the body produces various chemicals that are expunged by the body or stored within the body...
The question is, over time what do the excessive storing of these chemicals do to the body?
Short term you may achieve what you are looking for but, in the long term what are you doing to your body?
 We all have one body, respect it, be kind to it, don't abuse it.
Balance sensible eating with exercise, quit constantly dieting and jumping on the next food fad. Exercise should make sure you get your Cardiovascular, strength, flexibility, Speed components and your diet should make sure you eat all major food groups ( Protein, Carbohydrate, Dairy, Fruit and Vegetables, Fats and Sugars) in sensible quantities.
Excess in anything you do will have some by-products, some may look good initially but overtime the bad products will catch up with us.