Far too often we punch out words in an SMS, email and these days Social Media to communicate. These words are just words and do not come with any human emotion, all is left in the receivers lap to add on emotion, and hence communication via a screen is not a great way to communicate important issues as they more often than not end up in a misunderstanding between parties.

Far too often we assume problems based completely on third parties opinion or perception. Take the time to find out about anything by talking, talking to the person you want to give feedback too. So many times, someone’s else’s opinion and perception is not quite right.

When we use Yoga to break down the problem we can come with

(1) Yama :

Satya: Ask yourself whether it is truthful, are you 100% certain, have you got adequate proof or is it based on someone else's opinion?

(2) Niyama

Self discipline: Are you reacting to information or have you taken some time to sit with information, consider it and talk?

(3) Asana: How hunched are your shoulders? How tense are your muscles? How clenched is your jaw?

(4) Pranayama: how are you breathing when you write your feedback? do you need to write it when your breathing is heavy and fast?

(5) Dharana: Focus on what you are concerned with, is it your ego at stake? Have you considered the mental health of the receiver? Have you considered what really is at stake? Does it really matter?

(6) Dhyana/Samadhi: Try not to get attached to the material objects, the thoughts, the feelings; think beyond the ego of self and think of love and compassion.

Namaste Vrinda

The following article is a great resource to refer to: Giving Feedback Link

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